The Gwalia Singers (Swansea)


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In March 2008 the choir was invited to perform at Disneyland, Paris, for their St. David's Day Festival.


Sign within the theme park


Sign inside detailing the Welsh-related activities


Mickey and Minnie, suitably attired


The outdoor stage we were to have performed on (abandoned due to poor weather)


Seating in front of the outdoor stage


The performances were relocated to the Fantasy Festival Stage


Preparing to go on stage (real daffodils supplied by Disneyland!)


Waiting for curtain up


Mid-concert on the Disney stage



Rhian, wondering why the keyboard no longer sounds like a piano and whether Les has grown hair!


Enjoying the theme park between performances






The famous Disney parade


Heading out for a meal


An evening meal at one of the Resort's hotels


Our chaparones for the weekend, pictured with gifts from the choir


Disney staff with the choir, at the end of the final concert


The afterglow



You're never too old...!! Enjoying a ride on the final day


Choir members gathered in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle





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