The Gwalia Singers (Swansea)


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In March 2011 the choir returned for their 4th visit to Disneyland, Paris, for the St. David's Festival.





Sunny weather helped the trip get off to a good start


On the way to Disneyland we stopped for a carvery lunch at Wootton Bassett. Before the meal we stopped at the Cenotaph to pay our respects to fallen soldiers


The choir's plaque was presented to the mayor


A short distance from the Cenotaph we sang a couple of songs


This year we stayed at the Newport Bay Club Hotel.


The hot air balloon at the resort


On Friday the choir split into 3 groups. One group went into Paris:




One group went into the Park:






And one group played a game of golf:


The Gwalia "Swingers"?


The following day we performed 3 concerts


The Festival Stage in Fantasyland


The Disneyland staff who looked after us during the weekend


Meeting up before a meal



At the end of the evening...


Minnie Mouse pictured with the choir after the final performance on Sunday


Disney staff Sogwilli and Isabelle on either side of Minnie


On the bus back to the hotel


Relaxing in the bar


The order of the wig (you had to be there...)


The "wig" was periodically moved on to the head of another victim






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