The Gwalia Singers (Swansea)


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The choir returned to Mannheim, Germany, for a visit from 27-30 September 2012. We were invited by GV Teutonia 1862 to participate in their 150th anniversary.


Arriving at Llansamlet on Thursday to board the coach to Heathrow


Visit to Oppenheim on Friday morning


Helmets were required to avoid injury in the underground labyrinth


Split into 4 parties, the latter 2 enjoyed a pint whilst waiting their turn


At the end of the tour we sampled a glass of wine


St Katerine Church - we sang 'Cwm Rhondda' inside


A quick stop at the world's biggest "barrel" at Bad Dürkheimer Riesenfass


Then on to Weingut Wegner - a family-owned winery


We tasted 6 different wines and the owner told us a bit about each one


Careful there - I'm sure that chair looks a bit wobbly...


Saturday morning and a chance to see the city of Mannheim



Then back to the hotel to prepare for the evening's concert


We took to the stage to open the 2nd half of the concert



Sunday morning service - our contribution was "Benedictus"


Getting ready for a Bavarian afternoon



'The Happy Bavarians' provided the music


A Bavarian drinking tradition



The reason for the weekend



A dance demonstration by members of Teutonia 1854 Pittsburgh


As the band plays on, a Conga chain is started


And grows longer...


... and longer


Still going!!


Let's Twist Again!


Choirs unite to sing 'Ar Hyd Y Nos'


Wally makes a stand


Chairman Clive Walters demonstrates his digital strength


The chairs of all 4 choirs pictured after the competition


Jan knocks some nails into a lump of wood


All 4 choirs sing 'Klinge, Lied, lange nach'






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