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An Early Kick_Off At The ‘Hub’ - Saturday, 13th July.

For this event the Gwalia Singers roused early to perform at the official opening of ‘The Hub’ at Underhill Park, Mumbles. The host announcer, Kevin Johns, welcomed us effusively and proceedings got under way towards 11 a.m..

There had to be a ceremony, of course, namely the cutting of the opening tape for the centre. In order to provide a ‘fanfare’, we sang one of the all-time favourites, Cwm Rhondda, well loved and recognised by any Welsh audience.

Around half an hour later, we reconvened in a ‘marquee’, actually a large open-sided pergola, to sing a few more songs to entertain the crowd.  This activity tends to be hard work, as (a) it becomes very warm rather quickly and (b)the sound is somewhat absorbed by the canvas. However, opening this session with another favourite, Calon Lan, was a good choice, gathering interest immediately and creating a good round of applause and appreciation. The action was then slowed a little, although choir family and friends, along with more spectators as the programme progressed, aired their appreciation for some good singing.

We signed off with what has become our second ‘anthem’, the patriotic ‘There Is A Land’, which, with its climactic finish, always goes down well. Good luck to The Hub for a successful future!


Music, Maestro, Please! - Saturday, 15th June, 2024. Gwalia Singers’ Annual Concert at All Saints Church.

Mumbles, saw a completely packed house and observations and feedback suggest that it won’t be the last time!  Everybody enthused about all aspects of the evening and can’t wait to come back for more. This was the first event for our new President, Peter Lynn, who received a very warm reception.

Our Musical Director, Matthew Sims, was congratulated on the wide and diverse programme, as well as displaying his talents for both the music and also engaging with the audience and enhancing the entertainment factor.  As usual, our brilliant accompanist Rhian Liles, was faultless and guided us, and our guest singer, beautifully through the concert.  Another young talent, solo soprano Darcey Paris George, entranced all with her pure voice and an assured performance and it certainly won’t be long before she becomes more widely known.  All in all, one masterclass followed another!

Several presentations were made, most noteworthy was a 30 year service tie to Alan Clewett who has been the choir secretary for many of those years. 
All seemed to enjoy the whole performance and the choir responded to their warmth by singing out numbers old and new with enthusiasm and energy.  The reward was another standing ovation from a sold-out venue.  (See more photographs)