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Stop The Cavalry Recording

Gwalia Singers performing a Charity Christmas Concert
for the Vivian Hall in Blackpill, Swansea on the 3rd December 2015.

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Gwalia Singers 2015 tour

In October we had a very successful concert tour to Emmeloord in Holland. 
For more information see our News and
There are also YouTube recordings of
American TrilogyRhythm of Life, You Are So Beautiful and You'll Never Walk Alone recorded on the tour.



We sing at many weddings and we could sing at yours. To find out more please click here.


Rehearsals are currently held every Tuesday evening at 7.15pm in the Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua Club at the Swansea Marina (map).

To find out more about our rehearsals and see some photographs please click here.

Gwalia Ladies

We have excellent support from the Gwalia Ladies who organise many social and fundraising events for the choir.  Click here to see detils of their larest event.

Latest CD

Our latest CD 'A New Dawn' is currently available. Further details are available on the Recordings page.


Cover of A New Dawn


You can also see us performing 'The Longest Time' in All Saints Church, Oystermouth. We also gave an impromptu performance of 'Cwm Rhondda' in Saint Catherine's Church, Oppenheim, during our visit to Mannheim, Germany, in September 2012.  From our 2015 Annual Concert there is a recording of 'Angels' and 'Delilah' and from our 2015 Ladies Charity Christmas Concert there is 'Merry Christmas Everyone' and 'Stop the Cavalry'.

Choir in Oppenheim

Singing in Oppenheim


Welcome to the website of the Gwalia Singers, Swansea. We are a well-established Welsh male voice choir and hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any requests or suggestions, please contact the webmaster. Don't forget to leave any comments in the guestbook.

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50th Anniversary Concert

Saturday 18th June 2016.
50th Anniversary Concert.
Shân Cothi &  Llyr Griffiths.
Gwalia Singers.
Roy Noble.
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea.
7:00 pm.
Please click this link or more Information and Ticket Sales for this special concert.

Our Next Event


Monday 25th January 2016
Post Graduate Celebration, School of Management.
Gwalia Singers & local school choirs.
New Campus, Swansea University.
4:30 pm.
Great Hall
Please click here for further details of this and other forthcoming concerts.


The Gwalia Singers were founded in 1966 and quickly gained the reputation of being a small, successful choir with a strong sense of 'belonging'. Although the years since have seen some big changes in the choir's circumstances, the essentials remain. We still draw our members from a wide range of backgrounds and geographical locations, we still enjoy success on the concert platform and we still like to feel that a Gwalia has three main priorities in life - his family, his work and the choir (in that order).


Why "Gwalia"?

Wales is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Although officially a principality (the largest principality in the world), it has its own language (Welsh) and, since 1955, its own capital city (Cardiff). The word "Wales" comes from the plural of the old English word wealh, and literally means "foreigners". Latin forms of "Wales" include Wallia and Gwalia.

Promotional video

Please view our promotional video, done in conjunction with Focus Shift Films, who are filming with Blaenavon Male Choir, and making a documentary about the problem of recruitment in male choirs. We hope you enjoy it and, if so, why not come along and sing with us?

Photo of Swansea


Swansea is thought to have been founded by the Viking King of Denmark, Sweyn Forkbeard, who conquered the Anglo-Saxons in 1013. The name Swansea probably comes from a corruption of Sweyn, "Sven", and an old Norse word for inlet, "sey". The Welsh word for the city is Abertawe which means "mouth of the Tawe". Swansea is the 2nd largest city in Wales. It is near the beautiful Gower coast and about 30 miles from the Brecon Beacons national park and black mountains. Apart from being the home of the Gwalia Singers, it is also notable for being the birthplace of Dylan Thomas and Catherine Zeta Jones.


Did you know...

One of the most heavily requested records every Christmas in the USA is 'Stop The Cavalry'. However, the version requested is not the one by Jona Lewie that you may be familiar with. It is, in fact, the version recorded about a year later by the Cory Band with the Gwalia Singers. It is quite possibly the most popular song ever by an artist who never had a charted recording - single, album or otherwise. Unfortunately we don't have any copies for sale, but CDs can be purchased from, it can be played on Spotify and is also available for download via iTunes or Amazon.